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Video Tape

What are the different Video Formats

What are the different VHS Formats

Grading Video Tapes

What are the different recording times available for VHS cassette tapes?

How long will my video tape last?

What is the best way to store and care for my recorded video tapes?

What are E-180 videocassettes?

What are the differences among NTSC, PAL, and Secam?

Why are Super VHS (S-VHS) video cassettes better in quality than VHS cassettes?

Audio Tape

Audio Cassette Facts

Audio Cassette "Holes”


What are the different Camcorder Formats

Can you use Hi8 video cassettes to record with in Digital8 Camcorders?

Is there an 8mm Cassette Adapter?

What is the maximum record time I can get on my Mini DV Cassettes?

What is Metal Evaporated Tape?

How do DVD Camcorder discs differ from the standard size DVD formats?

Floppy Disks

Evolution Floppy Disks


DVD Definitions

How long will my DVD's last?

How should CDRs and DVDs be cared for?

What is the recording time of a single sided 4.7gb DVD disc?

Will my older DVD recording device be able to record to 8X or 16X blank DVD-R/+R media?

Will my current DVD burner be able to record to dual/double layer 8.5gb DVD+R media?

What types of printable DVD's are available, and what are their applications?

How many times can I re-write/re-record on my erasable DVD discs?

High Definition DVD

Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD update.

Who will win the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war?

Holographic HVD


CDR Definitions

Can a pre-recorded CD be copied to a blank DVD disc?

Can CD-R recorders/burners write DVD's?

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