CDR Definitions

  • “All Purpose” means the CDR can be used either on a PC or a stand-alone audio CDR recorder.
  • “Audio Only” (“Music Only”) means the CDR is not for a PC, but only for a stand-alone audio CDR recorder.
  • “Spindle” refers to disks in bulk (not in individual plastic cases).
  • “Slim Case” means the plastic case housing the CDR is thinner than a conventional “Jewel Case.”
  • “32X, 48X” etc. refers to the maximum recording speed of the disk (think of 55mph–65 mph).
  • “CDR-80” = 700MB (megabyte); “CDR-74” = 650MB (megabyte). In both cases, the numbers refer to the capacity of the disk.
  • “Branded” means the top side of the CDR contains the manufacturer’s logo (brand). It is not a printable surface, but you can write on it with a felt-tipped pen.
  • Typically there are three printable surfaces: “white” “silver” and “gold.”
  • There are typically two CDR printers: Ink Jet and Thermal.
  • “CDR-W” means the disk is rewriteable (reusable).
  • 3" Mini CDRs are 22–24 minutes and have 300MB of storage capacity.
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