DVD Definitions

  • Several formats of blank DVD disks are used today:
    DVD-R and DVD-RW (DVD minus R)
    DVD+R and DVD+RW (DVD plus R)
    DVD Authoring
  • The DVD-RW and DVD+RW formats are rewritable. The DVD-R and DVD+R are write once disks.
  • 2X, 4X, 8X and 16X etc., refers to the maximum record speed of the disk (think of 55mph or 65mph, for example).
  • 4.7GB, 5.2GB and 9.4GB refers to the amount of storage capacity on each disk in gigabytes (GB). CDRs, for example, are measured in megabytes (MB).
  • "Branded" means that the top side of the DVD contains the manufacturer’s logo (brand); it is not a printable surface, but you can write on it with a felt-tipped pen.
  • Typically there are two printable surfaces: “white” and “silver.
  • There are typically two DVD printers: Ink Jet and Thermal.
  • “Hub printable” means you can print on the entire area of the surface, including the hub (center hole) area.
  • “Spindle” refers to disks that are in bulk (not in individual plastic cases), on a spindle.
  • “Slim case” means that the plastic case housing the DVD is thinner than a conventional “jewel case.”
  • “Single sided” and “double sided” means you can record on one or both sides of the DVD, respectively.
  • “Non-removable cartridge” (Type 1) means the disk cannot be extracted from the plastic cartridge. With a “removable cartridge” (Type 2, 4), the disk can be extracted if necessary. The cartridges are only used in DVD RAM.
  • “Dual-layer DVD” means a higher capacity disk: 8.5GB in +R format only(requires a special drive).
  • Blu-Ray DVD is a high-definition video (HD), capable of storing large amounts of data. A single-layer Blu-ray Disc can hold 25GB (requires a special drive).
  • HD DVD has a single-layer capacity of 15GB and a dual-layer capacity of 30GB (requires a special drive)
  • Holographic DVD is a new technology (not yet available) that can hold 300GB of data (requires a special drive).
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