What is Metal Evaporated Tape?

Metal Evaporated (ME) tape, whose magnetic material is applied to the base film in a vacuum chamber, gives you a much higher signal off the tape, but the coating is incredibly thin (around a quarter of a micron) and therefore much more susceptible to damage than the Metal Particle (MP) tapes. I always like to describe it like this: Think of a car finish that is extremely thin and incredibly smooth, but not very durable. In situations where there is a lot of shuttling and and editing, ME tapes could be problematic. A Metal Particle (MP) tape is much more durable (think of a painted wall as opposed to a car finish), by a margin of 3:1, over Metal Evaporated tapes. Many high-end data tapes use the (ME) Metal Evaporated technology for VXA-2, AIT-2, AIT-3 data, as well as several high-end Sony 8mm videocassettes.
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