What is the best way to store and care for my recorded video tapes?

These few 7 easy steps will help you get the longest archival storage possible for your video tapes.

1. Store your tapes at recommended temperatures and humidity. Stay within 59 to 77F degrees and 40% to 60% relative humidity.

2. Keep your tapes evenly wound.

3. Store your tapes upright and always in a protective sleeve or case to protect from dust and debris.

4. Rewind or forward your tapes every 3 years.

5. Keep all your tapes away from stray magnetic fields, like loudspeakers, electric motors etc..

6. Whenever possible give your tapes 24 hours to adjust to climate changes.

7. Put labels only on correctly and only where they belong and don't put new labels over old. Improperly placed labels can interfere with cassette loading, degrade the cassette alignment or even peel off inside the VTR.
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