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 "Hi Jerry, I wanted to get back to you on your Polaroid High Bias Music C-90 audio cassettes now that I have bought many and fully tested them on my Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck. I have recorded 14 so far and none of them have any tape transport or tape creasing problems, these are the smoothest moving, perfectly aligned cassettes I have ever uesd. The tape itself has very little oxide shredding and maintains its flat tape to head contact very well and I have not heard any tape dropouts or misalignment problems with your Polaroid high bias music C-90 audio cassettes. I think you have a winner with these Polaroid audio cassettes and I am very glad to have them available from you".


"Jerry, i wish there where more people like you in the world. thank-you for the RIGHT TAPES.I get 4 to 5 computer magazines a month. I will be sending them a letter that your site is the best to order disks and tapes from.And thank-you for the ten extra tapes.you really know how to make things right.You won't be able to send me an e-mail because it's really messed up. So thanks again jerry. Louie "

"Good day, Received my cassettes today and wanted to say thanks. You already have a good deal of testimonials (some of which very closely reflect my particular experience) so I'll refrain from doing that, but I am totally pleased. The best price I found for my order (Maxell XLII C-90's), an actual phone number for customer service, and despite placing my order at around 5pm EST, next day shipping. I'll definitely look to you the next time I need a/v media supplies. Thanks, Andrew "
    Andrew Barnes
"What a wonderful experience--to order one day online and to receive the order the next day! Wonderful service with absolutely no hassel. Bravo! Ron Gollobin"
    Ron Gollobin
"You guys are good----ordered minidiscs sun nite,7/2 and box arrived today wed,7/5 with the holiday in between----nice work--- arnold schwartz"
    Arnold Schwartz
""Jerry, thank you once again for your exemplary service. Your website makes re-orders a breeze, and your personal assurance that, despite my poor planning, my media would be at my door before my shoot, makes me a grateful and very happy repeat customer. You make Total Media, quite simply, the best. David Kindred, Kemptown, MD" Thank you again for saving my bacon!! --David "
    David Kindred
"I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is shopping at Total Media, Inc. The items are easy to find. Customer service has ALWAYS helped me in a courteous, informative manner and my shipment arrives without any problems. Thanks, keep up the great work! "
    Nancy Scheitler
"Hi, I received my tapes this afternoon. Absolutely incredible service! Thanks very much, I look forward to enjoying them and I'm sure I'll return to buy many more. Thanks again for being such an outstanding vendor! Jerry "
    Gerald Goodrich
"Mr. Ghinelli, Great Job ! All orders were correct and on time. I am just a small business. I can't afford mistakes or delays. You and your people are mistake and delay free, Batting 1.000 . It is this type of support a small business needs to survive. Thank you for everything ! Your grateful customer, Michael J. Klutzow"
    Michael J. Klutzow
"Hello Jerry... I got my order last night for 74 CDRs.... Popped one in this morning, and it worked fine. Again, I want to sincerely thank you for your help. We are mixing our new CD sometime in January, and will start burning for the April Market. I will no doubt be needing some more blanks once we get into it. So you can expect to hear from me. I hope you don't run out of them, and have a pretty good stock on hand. Once again, Merry Christmas and a Very happy New Year. Let's hope 2006 gets better for us all. The music (band) business is very slow. I have been a professional since I was 13 years old., and have been there and done it all. I am now 81, and I can't believe how the music biz has deteriorated over all these years. Thank you, Jerry, one more time. "
"Thanks a bunch. Happy Holy Days! Here's to a great 2006! You guys are the best! gail "
    Gail Kleier
"Keep up the great work! Your informative E-mails are enjoyable, plus the prices on media are excellent"
    Thomas Mathews
"Hi Jerry, I was given your email address after I complimented one of your customer service people last week. I had faxed an order with a request to be phoned to confirm receipt of the purchase order. I was called within a half hour, order was confirmed, and I was told that it would ship complete that day. I exclaimed “You’re my favorite vendor!”. I wanted to pass the sentiment on to you to let you know how pleased I have been with the products, pricing, and especially service that I have received since I started doing business with your company a year ago. It is unfortunately not the norm with other companies, and I truly appreciate the commitment your company shows to its customers. Thank you for the continued excellent service! "
    Stephanie Vincent
"Easy to use. Had what I wanted. Easy ordering. Thanks, will visit again."
    Ron Reid
"Thank you, I am a national award-winning wedding videorapher and a first time customer with your company that I found thru a Google search, my favorite search engine. I was impresed with your very wide selection of recording media and look forward to a relationship with your company. Thanks again."
    Bill Desrochers
"Total Media website was great! I found what I was looking for without navigating through numerous pages. The checkout process was intuitive and easy. Thank you."
    Joanne Weber-Fosnight
"Great website, fast shipping, what more could I ask for?"
    Lonnie Bedell
"You guys rock! Thank you for making it so easy to do business. Very prompt and stocked well."
    Justin Adler
"Love your site. The only place to buy quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Thank You. "
    John P. Joyce
"This is just a note to say I am very happy with your site! Beautifully done and so easy to find exactly what I have been wanting! I will certainly come back again! Thanks again!"
    Julie Murphy
"I work for producton company in Atlanta GA. I have to order tape all the time. This the most trouble free process there is available. Thank You Very Much."
    Laurie Dotson
"I'd give you suggestions for improvement, but I can't think of any! The website is fast & easy to navigate...the prices are good...shipping is prompt, etc. Please stick around!!"
    Brian Bridge
"I was just about to say - boy I'd sure like a confirmation of the order on the site but then myemail came and there it was! Never mind! Very efficient and well organized. Keep up the good work!"
"No problems, easy to use and hassle free online store. Thanks, Michael "
"After reviewing your website (excellent) I had a question which was answered by a nice lady on your 800 number. Thanks"
"Easy to use - Fast delivery - Who could ask for more?"
"That was a lot easier and less expensive than many sites. I appreciate your navigable web site."
"Excellent site, very easy to surf, I will certanly come back for more tapes very soon!"
"Thank you for responding so quickly to my e-mail. I found that your company was about a third of the cost compared elsewhere. I will be back for future purchases and I will recommend your company to my teacher friends. The website was user friendly and very quick. Thanks again"
    Andara Randolph
"great website, i loved it. it is easy and very convinient, prices are good as well"
"Only a Big ,"Thank You " for a Wonderful site!! Take Kare,Karta"
"So far, I have had a great experience with Total Media. I particularly like that you offer bulk VHS tape in quantities less than 50, whereas most other tape sites do not. I appreciate this money and space saver!"
"A very user friendly website!! Good to see smart businesses doing well!!"
"Site was excellent. It was fast and simple to use! Thanks"
"Please double pack. Thanks! I have been extremely happy with your wonderful company and service!"
"Thanks for taking my order tonight. Smooth process, I like the ease of ordering my fav Maxell cassette tapes! Looking forward to delivery to me! "
    K.J. Parsons
"This is my 2nd time ordering..& you're the best..hassel-free online service ever."
"Fast, easy to use. Found you from your Overture listing on Yahoo."
"Your website saved the day!!!!!!!!!!!"
"It is very easy to use. You did a great job!"
"The site is easy and logical to use."
"Thank all of you at your place and let all that you know I would welcome the opportunity to give back the kindness that was given to me. "
    Willie Critten
"Don't change a thing - you make it very easy for me to order the tapes I need for my videos. Thanks "
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing login by email now. Much much easier to use."
"Jerry; Got my order today. Wanted to thank you for your courteous and quick service.I will definitely be shopping here again. "
"Please send a catalog. In the past, trying to find this many tapes at once has been a difficult experience. I was glad to find your site and your prices were the best. Thanks "
"Nice job - from a long time customer. "I'll be Back.""
"excellent site! good job!"
"very competitive prices and shipping costs!! much appreciated on my tight budget. "
"Site is tops compared to some others."
"I said I was going to come back and I did. Keep up the good work! Great site, great products, and great service! "
    Pedro Florentin
"Good Job! Easy and secure. Thanks!"
"Nice, easy-to-use site. I just spent 2 hours trying (and failing) to place an order for computer supplies on another site. With yours you can find what you want, compare different products, order it -- boom. Good job!"
"You are wonderful!"
"Thank you for your wonderful service"
"The ordering-part of the experience was great. I prefer NOT to save my card on websites, and I can't tell if you do this, so I will be checking back to see if this was done, and I'll delete it. (Editor's note: Total Media does not store credit card information online)"
"Total Media Inc. Just like to say THANK YOU!!! for allowing me to place modified orders with your company. This is a clear indication that you do care about customer satisfaction(unlike other companies). I appreciate your business and look forward to continued service with you in the future. Thanks."
"One would be hard pressed to beat your prices. I will be passing this site to all my friends. Many thanks! "
"Extremely efficient site to use. I will recommend TMI to others at our company for further media purchases. Thanks Mike Benson VP Sales & Marketing "
"This is my third order with you folks and I just can't tell you how happy I am with your products and service. Thanks."
"Couldn't get any better, for speed, ease of use & convenience."
"Looks great. Easy to use. A compliment to your programmer."
"Nice, clean, easy to use site. Thanks."
"The ordering process went very smooth. I hope to do more business with you at later date. I also like the way that your data is displayed."
"I just want to thank you for having the best, most hassel-free, website I've done business with. You guys are great and a pleasure to do business with. "
"I stumbled upon this site searching via Yahoo. I decided to go ahead and place an order. I was impressed with the ease of ordering and the speed with which I received the product. I ordered on a Monday and received my order at my door on Tuesday. I will certainly be telling my friends about this site and the great prices. Thank You! "
"Your ordering site was very user friendly."
"You guys do a great job. I appreciate the "no hassles" & "no junk mail" purchasing process."
"Excellent prices and site. Easy to compare prices."
"Jerry,I was kidding-- I was commenting on the lightning-fast delivery! Many thanks again,Mike "
"You actually have a very efficient site to order from. Mikado"
"Even if you can't fill my order because of the mailing restriction, I should tell you that not only did you have the best price of the 20+ companies I looked at, but your site was the easiest to find on Google, the quickest to access (even with my snailpaced dial-up), and had the simplest clearest illustration and description without frills or stuff I didn't want to see. Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time looking at the others. Good for your website designer! "
"Thanks! Your website made it easy to order supplies for my dad for Christmas! I enjoyed using your service."
"Have not seen your site before but from what I have seen so far -- like your prices. I'm sure others will hear about your company... I will be happy to share my 'find'"
"As a newcomer to your site and, pending receipt of my ordered goods (having just placed my first order), I can't help but be impressed by the simplicity with which it operates. Good prices, too! Thank you."
"This is one of the few Web Sites I could actually follow and order. thanks!"
"Very impressive, straight forward and simple to use site. Accomplishing that takes alot of time and talent! So many other sites are so cluttered and "gimmiky" it reflects poorly on one's image of the the service likely to be provided. "Complex is easy, Simple is hard"! "
"Great Job! Love the new site! And as always, the great prices! Thanks... Darren"
"Ordering process seems straight forward, no-nonsense, to the point. I like it."
"I was very pleased with the prompt and efficient manner in which you handled my order. I will definitely deal with Total Media Inc. in the future. "
"Doing business with you was quick, painless and I would recommend my friends follow suit. Thanks for the promptness in handling my orders. "
"Thanks to your web designer made searching for particular item a breeze.. thanks. "
"Jerry, I just placed my second order for video tape since we first talked, and again, the order was sent out very quickly, and UPS shows it will be delivered tomorrow. It's such a pleasure to find a company who stocks the popular media types, and is able to quickly ship the product. Your firm has been super, getting the order out the same or next business day, and getting delivery usually within 1 day of the ship date. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you folks do, and that I'm glad I contacted you about the media, since I have been really pleased with the service you folks supply. Your web team, or whoever handles the web orders, deserves a pat on the back for their consistantly excellent service. So it's wonderful to find a company who doesn't try to rip me off, has high quality products in stock, and processes their orders and ships very quickly. I have bookmarked your site, and have now returned there twice to place additional orders, because I have been pleased at the consistant level of service. You can be sure I will recommend your company to my friends. "
    Carl Erhorn
"Very easy to order. Great selection. Thanks!"
"The shopping experience was great. The web site is easy to navigate and products are easy to find."
"I have been very pleased with your company's quick response to orders which I have placed. Keep up the great service!!! "
"Works great, great prices too!"
"Hi! It's been a while since I ordered from Total Media. I always enjoyed using you guys when i was back at the University of Texas. Looking forward to more of the same great service."
"First order was perfect! Thanks for the fast service, shipping. Will order from you again and will pass your site on to others. Thanks very much! "
"Thanks Jerry....your web site is awesome!....I am passing your site on to all my cronies here at the university......you cannot believe how many of us are looking for a place like this! "
"The site is easy to use and makes finding the earlier computer media much easier than running around town trying to find it.Thank you."
"Nice site layout. Easy to use. Quick e-mail confirmation. Good prices on Maxell VHS tapes. If the delivery is as smooth as the order, I'll be a return customer"
"Very easy to place order with no problems.Love it when I only have to do it once."
"Your site is very user friendly. As a matter of fact I was the on the HP site and had such problems I left it and came here"
"Thank you for the changes you've made to your site! What a pleasure to have all my information right there so I don't have to type it in myself. My only comment is that I couldn't order what I really wanted: TDK T-120 EHG HI-GRADE. I hope you'll add this tape to your extensive inventory soon. Thanks again! (Total media replied: Thanks for the nice comments. We do have the TDK EHG. It is in the Bargains > Video > VHS Section and is on sale for $1.49)"
"You have a great web site. I was happy to have came across it. I don't have huge orders, but it's nice to be able to find the kind of tapes I use and to order them on line is just a good. Thank you for your time. Sherry"
"I love shopping with you folks. Your site is easy to navigate, and your service on my past order was outstanding. Thanks!!"
"Just a compliment on the ease and speed with which this order was processed online. Nice navigation around the site, which is very professional looking and well presented. Thank you for a nice e-shopping experience. "
"Thank you for your promptness and selection. Always good!! "
"Thanks for your always-excellent service! You folks are the best I have found, and I appreciate the quick response I always get to my orders. "
"I am very pleased with the way you do business.. I needed these tapes for the weekend and they arrived in plenty of time for me not to worry...also the quality of the tape was excellent. Thank You Carole"
"Thank you for the great service. Ordering is a breeze. Happy Spring!"
"Great prices... excellent website and ordering process. -Erik"
"Nice and easy order process for returning customer. Thank you. "
"I have been impressed with your prices, selection, and service. I am a returning customer but have recently moved. "
"Site was easy to use. thamks for having 100 minute audio tapes. No one stocks them any more. "
"You are one of the only places left that sells metal audio tapes at a reasonable price."
"Lisa, Thank you very much. I am glad your company has you to make their customers feel very secure. You were very helpful. I felt I had a friend in your company. Finally, happy and contented, Patricia "
"I just wanted to drop you a line and to thank you for the great service on my latest order.My pal in Nevada called me last night and said he got the leader and splicing tape and it was just what he wanted. Please extend my thanks to your staff who facilitated this order. You guys are the greatest! dick judge"
    Dick Judge
"Thank you! This order was so painless. I tryed ordering from Iomega directly and my ID and password didn't work! "
"Your fast response to my email question is impressive and much appreciated. Your choice of merchandise is very good; I look forward to doing business with you again soon. "
"I am so thankful that I was able to locate your site. I am looking forward to receiving the first order and using your company for future needs. I will also tell my friends."
"Easy shopping for what I needed - excellent site setup!"
"Nice site. Great prices."
"Always great service - easy and quick! Thanks again!"
"I love your service and merchandise!"
"Your Company has exactly what I need all the time and SUPER FAST shipping! Thanks for your prompt service and I will continue to make my purchases with your company. Keep up the outstanding service!"
"This has been great, being able to purchase these supplies from you. I will probably move all of my magnetic media purchases to you. No more paying exorbitant prices in the stores. "
"Your website was very user friendly. You also have very competitive prices. Keeping your prices low, I will definitely order from your site again. Thanks."
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"Great site. Easy to use. Great prices."
"Awesome! Sweet and simple. I look forward to purchasing ALL of my videotape needs from you!"
"All looks like a neat well organized site operated and maintained by nice conscientious people. "
"Web site is very easy to use and Michael Anunziata in customer service was a big help and very pleasant to deal with. I will be back for more. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience."
"This site is really easy to use. I will recommend it to all."
"This site is easy and to the point. Great prices too! Looking forward to receiving my first order!"
"Your sight is beautiful. It was a nice surprise to see. Thank you, Jody Parsons"
"Keep up the good work and super fast shipments!"
"I would just like to say that I have ALWAYS enjoyed doing business with total media and I feel that this wonderful website helps!"
"Super easy. and the best price i found for digital8 tapes."
"Thanks for making it easy, for providing quantity pricing and "fair" shipping prices. My friend Joe Hannigan from recommended your company."
"I think your site is fine just the way it is. Logical layout, easy navigation, smooth checkout, sliced bread and canned beer were never this good. Cheers!"
"Just to let you know that I am very happy with my first order from Total Media. I received it in one day, it was complete and correct. I will recommend Total Media to anybody without hesitation. "
    Cletus Fernando
"WOW! That's one of the fastest deliveries I've ever gotten. Thanks so much! If this was ebay your feedback would be positively glowing. "
    Lori Lodola
"Good afternoon! I would just like to take a minute to commend Total Media on great prices and quick service. I have ordered from other companies previously and I have almost had to fight for my order. This is my second time ordering from your company and I have been more than satisied both times. I have a small video production company and I am glad that I can depend on Total Media for my video needs! "
    Stephanie Sutton
"The whole process was done very well, congratulations on very nice setup"
"Great to see a place where I can get the supplies I need for reel-to-reel machines."
"You guys are awesome. the one-stop shop for ancient media!!!"
"Service was fast and great! Thanks for your help getting this order out!"
"It was very nice to find the item I needed on the internet and I liked the price you had to offer."
"Great web-site. I had my order placed within 3 minutes of typing in the words "Cassette Tape" into Yahoo.com...couldn't have been any easier."
"Excellent! A personalized thank-you note for my order, sent by a real human...You guys rock! I will immediately tell my business partners about your website. Thanks Jerry! "
    Mark Winer
"Order Comments: I've no idea how you folks process and arrange for delivery so efficiently. Please know that, after placing two orders with you prior to this one, I am now quite spoiled. I am wondering if this hurricane will force delivery to take at least two full days for a change. I thank you for setting such a high standard for customer service, and hope someday that I can learn your secret. Shalom, --is. [Dear Ian: Thanks for your great comments! You really made my day. No, Isabel will not slow us down!. Will ship your order today and "promise" it will be to you tomorrow. Stay Dry! Regards, Jerry] Dear Jerry, OK, you win again. There I was, well before noon, raking the leaves from the lawn in Isabel's wake, and the UPS truck comes up. He wasn't able to make it to the house because of a downed tree, but walked my box of tapes over to me. Once again, you got the order to me in well under 48 hours. And then he used his truck to push the tree trunk out of the middle of the street so that cars could get through, just as the public works truck was coming up the block to survey storm damage. So, your efficient service provided an additional service to all who live on my street. I don't know how you do it, but thanks again. Now that the power is back on, maybe I'll do some taping . . . . Shalom --is. [Dear Ian: "Neither Snow nor Rain nor Isabel keeps Total Media from the swift completion of it's deliveries". Especially when the customers are as nice as you! This is one email I have to put on my website Shalom & Peace Jerry]"
"Jerry: Thanks for your email...I did not use caps when I first tried your website. A very nice website. Clean, uncluttered, and quite functional, congratulations."
"Your operation rules!!! One stop shopping for all my tape needs. Outstanding company!!! Pat Phillips"
"Best prices on the Planet. Am I glad I found out about Total Media."
"Fast, easy, accurate. Saves me a lot of time"
"You guys are incredible! I ordered tapes one day and.........ohmygod...they arrive the next morning! I am so impressed. Thank you - Suzanne Walker"
    Suzanne Walker
"You guys are unbelievable! I order Monday morning online and the tapes are there Tuesday afternoon when I get home from work. I've had other companies trying to get my tape order ... but when you've found a WINNER, WHY CHANGE ! Thanks for great service. "
    Keith Schneider
"Amazing! This order, placed yesterday around 2 PM, arrived on my doorstep at 11 AM this morning. Thanks for the rapid service. "
    John Gaustad
"Thank you so much for the ease we have looked for 30 minute vhs tapes and have not been able to get them It was very easy with your website thank you very much.."
"I am a new cutomer . . . nicely done web site! Easy to navigate, and smooth online purchasing Thanx!"
"Wow, this was pretty neat. The ordering process was very precise and most of all short. Looking forward to receiving my order soon. Mark C."
"As always, I appreciate the fine service and quick shipping you all provide! -Norm"
"I love this site!"
"Haven't shopped here in a while - love your new look. Adore your still magnificent prices. Will be back again, I reckon "
"It was just great to find a web site that was easy to use and had what I wanted. I have been searching at Best Buy and Circuit City for audio CDRW and have found none. This is great!!"
"Your website and your service are great. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.Thank you."
"Whatever your secret is please pass it on to other online companies. This is why I ordered again from your company. I received my order Monday or Tuesday (I wasn't home Monday so I'm not sure). Unbelievable. I get what I want, at a reasonable price, and within a period of time that is, well, unbelievable. No hassles, customer service immediate and considerate. Please, please, please do not change. Thank you for your professionalism towards your customers. "
    Marie Anselmo
"User friendly, excellent prices, my first order was accurate and timely and I appreciate it. Have just placed my 2nd order and will use in future. Thank you!"
"I have to tell you of all the web sites I have ordered on yours is the best. Copy order is great. You should get out of the tape business and go fix everybody else's web sites. Good Luck "
    Mike Maier
"This was absolutely one of the best websites I've visited. Great job!!!! "
    Michigan State Police
"Great Webpage/good selection/easy to use. Keep up the great work.... Jay Redwine"
    Jay Redwine
"Thanks, as always, for your great efficiency and wonderful user-friendly web ordering. You guys are a joy to work with! "
"I've just searched for an hour and no elses prices compare to yours. You have a new permanent customer. Thanks! "
"This is the first time I ordered from your new site. It was quick and easy. Great job! "
"I love ordering media stock from you guys. You make it so easy! Christopher "
"Just a note to let hyou know how much I appreciate the way your company handled my order, the best I have ever had. I will be ordering more p6 30;s in the future. I do a lot of surveillance work and was so happy to find you on the net. I have passed the word to other investigator's and you should be getting more business in the future. Again Thanks for being there. "
    John Gonzalez
"I called for some information before ordering and got a quick and helpful answer by phone. The price is great too. I expect I'll be back. Thanks. "
    Charles Thiesen
"Just keep those prices low like they are! I just switched my place to order DAT tapes to your company. Thanks! "
    Warpig Studios
"Hi Jerry, My order just arrived, with everything there and in great condition. I want to tell you how very impressed I am with your company. These days it is rare to find a company that is so easy with whom to deal. I mean, the website makes ordering a brezze, the choices and prices can't be beat, and a very quick delivery for very reasonable shipping costs. I truly appreciate your rare ability to combine leading edge technology with a clear personal touch. To me, this is a recipe for great success, which is what I wish for you. Best of luck! Sincerely, Alan Segal, M.D. Customer for Life "
    Alan Segal
"Great site, easy to navigate. Especially like the prevous order record function, makes it easy to order the same items again. Thanks Dwane "
    Dwane Stevens
"THANKS for the excellent service. I just received a bunch of CD RW audio discs from you folks. Where I am in Ohio, these are somewhat hard to find (perhaps the CD recording industry wants them to be !!). CD R Audio are easy to get, but the CD RW Audio discs are NOT. You have a fine easy to use site, and I had very little wait to receive my merchandise. Job well done ! "
    Gary Frey
"Your site is fantastic. I love your reliable customer service, speedy delivery, and low prices"
"Wonderful new website. I didn't have to search for anything, the items I had previously ordered were listed on the first page, which made my visit quick and easy. And to top it all off, I was able to choose a free gift for ordering from ya'll. (I should be the one giving the gift to you for making my job so much easier.) Thanks so much. "
    Sgt. Brian Culpepper
"Keep up the excellent service and Super Fast Shipping! "
    Robert James
"I like this, you guys make buying my tapes too Easy... it isn't even funny! Thanks a lot Lori"
"I REALLY appreciated the format you present your products! It saved me a ton of time in price comparing. Thank you! "
"Finding the products I want and your ordering is so easy. I really like the ability to see a photo of the items! Denise Welsh, Director of Media Technology "
    Denise Welsh
"Great Prices, Easy to shop in your online store! Great Job"
"Your prices are great! I did a lot of searching, and will be passing your site on to my friends. Analog lives! "
    Dave Meyer
"You guys are the greatest...!!!! Excellent prices and Merchandise "
    Darren Hicks
"You people are way cool, thank you! TK"
"I think it is wonderful that I didn't have to fill out the shipping/billing information when I re-ordered from your site. Fab feature! Also thought it was great that I did not have to search through the listing of products to find the one I ordered the last time I was on your site. Another fab feature!! Great customer service with making ordering easier. Having a small home-based business and balancing all the other mundane aspects of running a home means time is valuable to any working mom. Thanks for thinking about your customers :"
    Angel Soul
"OKS-Ameridial IncThank you for setting up a shopping site that is easy to use where you don't need a "Shopping for Dummies" book on hand to help navigate through all the screens! Great Job! "
    Yvonne Hutchins
"Ilove your product pricing and your ordering process is "Totally" smooth & easy. I await my next order. Thank you. "
"Total Media has the best prices I can find! "
"Jerry Just wanted to let you know that of the two orders I’ve placed in recent weeks, my superiors and I have been very impressed with your delivery turnaround. I’ve placed both orders fairly late in the afternoon and received them early the next day. It’s been great! We recently were forced to search for a new supplier because it was taking weeks to get the supplies we needed. With your variety, competitive prices and quick delivery, I’m sure I’ll be sending more orders your way. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Lori Randolph "
    Lori Randolph
"Great working with the salesperson who follow up thru email quickly. Am very impressed! Keep it up. Will tell other about this place! "
"Your website was well organized and easy to use. I think sometimes that 90 percent of the online website are design by some so called web designer that don't know what normal people want"
    sherwood gordey
"It's a pleasure to order from your site, not having to search for previous orders and re-enter payment information. Whoever designed this page, and the options available to the buyer, is certainly customer oriented. GREAT JOB! THANKS, CECIL "
    Cecil Tanner
"I am hardly your biggest customer, but you treat me like one. I can’t believe how responsive you are. Your selection and prices are great, but your effort to get the product to the customer is beyond any business that I deal with on-line. "
    Reuben Ryder
"TMI should praise Jerry Ghinelli for reeling me back in for my tiny order. "
    John Gustafson
"Your customer response time and delivery is nothing short of AWESOME ! I needed my order of DAT tapes for a meeting this afternoon (Thursday, June 2) ... I placed the order late yesterday morning and PRESTO !!! ... they are in my hands at 10:00 AM today! Keep up the great work. Your turnaround time keeps you on my list as # 1 supplier. Keith Schneider Digital Media Consultant "
    Keith Schneider
"I placed my order Monday evening. You confirmed the order via email on Monday night, shipped it out on Tuesday and it arrived today (Wednesday) before noon. Service like that is nothing short of amazing. You are to be congratulated. Thank You. "
    Richard Zitrick
"Hi Jerry Thought I'd drop a line and express my intense satisfaction. I just deleted 5 bookmarks for other tape outlets. My musician and studio friends have all been given your web address. THIS is the way business should be done, and you have my business from now on...Excellent work!! Thanks. "
    Eric Riehle
"Jerry: I had not been able to find Maxell T-180 VHS tape in any Houston TX retail store. I e-mailed Maxell. See below. They recommended Totalmedia. I called the Totalmedia 1-800 number at ten to five (NJ time) on a Friday afternoon. A very personable and friendly person took my order for 30 of these tapes. (Customer ID: PG0805 , Order ID: 0028612, Invoice ID: 3050029) At 5:17 UPS e-mailed me of a package coming from Totalmedia. At 5:48 Totalmedia e-mailed me the confirmation of the order together with UPS tracking number. The package arrived yesterday. I am impressed by the service you offer. That my order was taken v late in the business day. That it shipped that very same day ! That e-mail was used so effectively. I definitely will recommend you to others. Thanks Totalmedia for such a good job. Peter Ginn "
    Peter Ginn
"Had a great experience with your website. Very easy to navigate and to place my very first order. I also compared your prices to others on the web and found yours to be the best value especially when free shipping is offered. Thanks also for the bonus gift! I definitely will continue to shop your website for any other needs. "
    Beverly Braunsky
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